Friday, August 15, 2014

Why choose BC Cloud Solutions for HIPAA compliance

1. A shorter path to HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance absorbs time, personnel, and other valuable resources from your organization. BC Cloud Solutions provides easy-to-implement, comprehensive security services to provide a timely, accurate, and headache-free solution to HIPAA compliance.

2. Know you are doing it right

Stop wondering if your compliance efforts are going to waste. BC Cloud Solutions guides you down a defined path to HIPAA compliance and provides peace of mind in knowing you have taken the appropriate steps to protect your patients and organization from data compromise.

3. Compliance for today, security for tomorrow

HIPAA compliance efforts are only as good as the lasting security improvements they create. Our solutions not only simplify your compliance efforts today, but also provide the resources and education needed to create lasting data security protection for tomorrow.

4. Automation to secure, assistance to comply

Without proper support, even the best security tools will do little to protect your patient data. BC Cloud Solutions combines innovative data security tools with award-winning customer support to help guide your organization to compliance and maximize the security benefits of your HIPAA efforts.

5. A partner you can trust

Healthcare organizations & experts shouldn't have to be security experts. We are experts at enabling organizations to secure data and comply with various mandates. When you partner with BC Cloud Solutions, you have confidence that a solution to your compliance problems is never more than a phone call away.

To learn more about our HIPAA Compliance Services, Contact Us today. BC Cloud Solutions provides IT Security & Compliance Services.